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Teaching English in Rome

It's hardly a secret. If you want to work as an English teacher in Rome you'll find dozens of schools willing to offer you a short-term or 'project' contract with a fairly low salary and no guaranteed hours. You'll struggle to earn enough to earn a decent living, but at least it helps you get started while you're finding your feet. By the time you've started thinking about improving your social life, you'll have realised that you don't earn enough to have one. That's where RomaInglese comes in!

If you want to earn a reasonable salary here in Italy you need private students, either in addition to working for a school or, instead. The RomeInglese website was created to help mother-tongue English Teachers living and working in and around Rome to find private students. The site provides English teachers with an effective way of finding students and helps people who are interested in finding an English teacher for private English lessons in their area.

Registering on RomaInglese is not free, but the cost equates to what the average teacher earns in just 3 hours of lessons, so it's hardly expensive. If you'd like to know more about registering with RomaInglese, click the button below to visit our teacher information and registration website at It's all in English and the answers to all your questions can be found there.

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