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It’s hardly a secret; if you want to teach English in Rome you’ll find dozens of schools willing to offer you a short-term or ‘project’ contract with a fairly low salary and no guaranteed hours. You’ll struggle to earn enough to earn a decent living, but at least it helps you get started while you’re finding your feet and for some that’s enough. However, if you’re looking to have a social life and need a little extra money, or prefer to work as a private teacher in Rome, RomaInglese was made for you!

Working for a language school is fine, but working as a private teacher gives you more control over what you do and also allows you to earn more. RomaInglese cannot and will not take you from earning a €1500 teacher salary to a €3000 private income in a week, but it is a proven site with a track history stretching back 10 years. RomeInglese was created to help genuinely bilingual or native speaker English Teachers living and working in and around Rome to find private students. Our directory of English teachers in Rome provides teachers with an effective way of finding students, by providing an established and trustworthy site where potential students can look for an English teacher or English lessons in their area.

What we do

The sister site of MilanoInglese, RomaInglese has existed for around 10 years and aims to help private language teachers who want to teach English in Rome to advertise their services in a professional way, and at sensible rates. Teachers pay an annual fee (new teachers also pay a one-off registration fee) and nothing else. Enquiries from site visitors are sent straight to you, and the website has zero input beyond that.

RomaInglese has been on or near the top of all related Google searches for over a decade, with good reason. Put simply; it works and people like it.

Registering on RomaInglese isn’t free, and not all those asking to join will be accepted. If you teach English in Rome and want to develop your client base with RomaInglese, you will need to submit a registration request on our teacher information site www.romainglese.com. We’ll use that request to decide if you are accepted or not. We then have rules and requirements; for example, teachers must be legally living and working in Italy, and so on. All teachers are required to provide proof of legal residence and their rights to work here. In order to protect those teachers who are already registered, we also restrict the number of teachers who can join.

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Created in 2010, RomaInglese was created to help mothertongue and bilingual English Teachers living and working in and around Rome to find private students in their local area.