Guida di Inglese Commerciale

Business English is not so different to normal English and is nothing to be afraid of. The style of language is usually more formal, and you need a slightly larger vocabulary, depending on your job and what you need to write or explain. The pages below contain some very simple guides to help you understand common phrases used in a business environment. The guides are written in English, with some translations, because we assume that your English level is at least B1 intermediate, or higher, and that you can read English to a good level.

If you need to use English as a part of your job,  we would recommend studying English to at least B2 level, which is the level of the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE). Most of the teachers registered on RomaInglese can help you study for the First Certificate exam. There are also Business English courses and exams, but the First Certificate is a good level to reach, and it includes excellent tuition on writing, speaking and grammar.

This guide will not replace lessons with a teacher, but we hope you find it helpful!

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